Nick Manthei

Nick Manthei

Oxford University
Press Senior Professional Development Consultant


Nick Manthei is a Senior Professional Development Consultant for Oxford University Press. He holds a master’s degree in International Education with a specialization in ESL and has recently become an accredited educational coach. His current passions in education include data collection, eBadging, coaching, project management and research. Before entering the publishing industry, he taught English as a Foreign Language for eleven years in South Korea and Turkey to all age groups.

He strongly believes that the most important person in the school for students is the teacher. His sessions often provide many hands-on activities so be ready to move and participate!



Learner Agency

Learner Agency refers to the feeling of ownership and sense of control that students have over their learning. Agentive learners are motivated not only to learn but also to take responsibility for managing the learning process. All learners have the potential to develop their agency further, and all teaching can be designed with learner agency in mind. Learning becomes more effective and efficient when teaching practices support learners to become active agents in their own learning. In this session, we will explore real examples of how we can include activities in the classroom that encourage Learner Agency.