Robyn Stewart

Robyn Stewart

Title: Spark joy: motivation for teachers and learners


We use language today in ways that were unprecedented twenty years ago. In response, the landscape of teaching has opened to new ways of doing things. A focus on emotion within the classroom is becoming more valued. We recognise that cultural awareness and language ability are closely related and will both be necessary skills for the future. Lessons can become more personalised, and students are empowered to self-direct their learning. This talk draws on personal classroom experiences and recent theoretical developments to explore the changing educational environment. We introduce some practical ideas for sparking joy in our learners and in ourselves, with the goal of enhancing motivation today and success tomorrow.


Robyn Stewart is a teacher, teacher trainer and life-long learner based in Istanbul. She holds a bachelor's degree in Drama and a master's in Intercultural Communication from New York University, along with Cambridge CELTA and DELTA, and is currently pursuing a second master's in TESOL at the University of Nottingham. Robyn has worked with teachers in Thailand, Malaysia, Jordan, Turkey, the United States and Indonesia, where she served as an English Language Fellow for the 2017-2018 academic year. Robyn and team were the recipients of the British Council's award for Excellence in Teaching and Teacher Training in 2016.