Erol Artun

Erol Artun


He started his education life in America and studied until high school in the U.S.A. After high school because of his father’s loss, he returned to Turkey and studied University in Turkey.

 He worked as a native speaker for 10 years in various schools. During his teaching career, he had a chance to work with different age groups. Each group has its pros and cons according to its learning capacity. Erol believes learning shouldn't be stuck in the classroom so his skills help him to reach students more effectively.  Within these 10 years of experience, he had a chance to show his skills to different teachers from a variety of schools. Also, his business involves learning strategies. Therefore he attends every single valuable and available teaching seminar all around the world. His company assigned him as Teacher Trainer with his crowd control skills and addressing capacity. He has been a passionate teacher trainer ever since.


Signature Lessons and Their Implementation

The fact that teachers can learn the information they love not only from social media but also by removing them from their current social circles. In our world where producing content is valuable, our lessons can now be fast, original and attractive.