Sam Whittam currently works for UES (Unlimited Educational Services) as a teacher trainer and educational consultant. For the past seven years he has been working in Turkey as a teacher, examiner and editor.

He has worked with all levels from kindergarten to high school in private colleges as well as university students and adults in Turkey.

Before coming to Turkey, he taught primary and middle school students in South Korea where he lived for a year and a half after graduating from Buckinghamshire University in England. He studied English Literature and Creative Writing at university, his passion for literature can often be seen in his teaching as he believes stories to be a cornerstone of any good education.

Sam is TESOL qualified and frequently attends workshops as a teacher and a trainer to better himself in every area of his occupation. He also has experience as an examiner for Primary School exams.


From Material to The Mind: How to Engage With Our Students

Knowing how to engage with the students at the same time as finishing the assigned exercises are some of the many challenges that teachers face. In this session we’ll be looking at tips to connect with our students to encourage learner engagement not just in the lesson but to foster the will to learn that is inside all of us. We’ll look at hands-on activities that can be immediately taken to the classroom on Monday morning as well as addressing some of the challenges that we may face when it comes to engaging with our students. Our main challenge in the classroom is to ensure that the experience is relevant and we’ll build roads that encourage learners to take action and focus it in the right direction.

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