Unlimited Educational Services (UES)
Trainer and Educational Consultant


Merve is a Teacher Trainer and material developer at Unlimited Educational Services. Holding a B. A. in ELT from Bilgi University, she later received her CELTA from Kaplan International in Dublin, Ireland. Merve has been in the ELT field for nine years, and she has taught various levels, including preschool, primary schoolers, General English to adult learners, and English preparatory students in universities. Her interests include e-learning, instructional design, and material development.


The Future of Language Education

 Over the last decade, major steps have been taken in the field of educational technology. Online classes, flipped, and hybrid education have climbed up the ladder as a result of the COVID-19 breakdown. E-learning allows teachers and learners to reach out to any materials; it’s a great contributor to SEN (Special Educational Needs), inclusive and personalized education as it offers a space for learning. Applications and a variety of online sources which are constantly improved and upgraded, help educators break the boundaries of the class. Even though the absurd speed of technological developments can be intimidating at first, the motto: ‘’technology is supposed to make things easier’’ should be kept in mind. Analyzing the needs of the learners carefully, choosing the right tool, and using it at the right time are the main steps towards a successful e-learning experience and preparing our students for the future where digital literacy and know-how are a must. In this workshop, the latest and most effective digital education tools will be presented along with benefitting from them in the best way possible. These tools include: •learning analytics and scoring systems expanding the limits of AI; offering reliable skillsassessment •e-sources providing articles and readers at all levels •apps/websites helping learners create stories, mini-books, projects, etc. •gamification platforms for pupil engagement •video-assisted learning for asynchronous classes.